After using the Elixir my face started to tingle is that normal?

-Yes, our products are paired with a derma roller, which helps the elixir to be more effective. The tingling sensation shouldn't last but a few seconds. If it lasts longer you may need to reduce amount applied onto your face.

Does the derma roller hurt?

-We use the 0.25 needle, so you shouldn't experience much discomfort. The derma roller isn't an extreme pain, and it is definitely barable. If you can't use it at all, we suggest using a numbing cream to help. 

If I buy 2 different Elixir's can I use both?

-Yes, if you buy both Elixir's you definitely can use both. Not at the same time of course, but you may rotate them if you want to get better results.

Can I order a custom Elixir?

-We will be working on that in the future, but not at the moment.

Do you have a visual on how to use the products?

-All of our products come with instructions, but we will soon have Youtube video's showing how our products should be used.

Are your products harmful?

-No, we use 100% natural ingredients. 


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