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Born February 11th - Brittany Bella was a born-leader. A doer and philanthropist turned business woman; she would focus her energy on teaching the youth with her words and showing them with her actions. Growing up in Illinois, Brittany was first influenced by her parents and more specifically, her grandfather, Thomas; who was well-known in the area as one of the first black business owners. Apsiring to be a model at a young age and having the full support of her family, Brittany appeared in over 30 pageants and runway events before she was 19. Also, making time to appear in a video with rapper and superstar, Bow Wow. At 16, Brittany Bella would open a business of her own. "Breezy's Parlor on Wheels" (aptly named after the calm and collected teenager) to serve ice cream, snacks and more; and though the business ended quickly (due to her families relocation to Dallas, TX), it was Brittany's first taste of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and would propel her to a new level of dedication towards her goals and ultimately her dream job. Her new found business prowess would come into play soon after as Brittany Bella would decide that her fashion boutique store would instead, be a makeup and skincare company. Still selling her self-made fashion pieces at will, her new-found love for making her own skin care and make-up products would take precedence. However, shifting her business model called for a new name and branding strategy. Thus, "Dollfaced" was born. Based solely online and now reaching over 20,000 people daily, Brittany's 4th business was her most gratifying and successful to date. Understanding how blessed and fortunate she is to be in her current position, the soon-to-be mogul does not take any of it for granted. Giving to charities and foundations whenever possible and visiting troubled youths in the local prison systems allows her to do what she loves to do; help and inspire young people. Ensuring the theme of inspiration, gratefulness and motivation stays ever-present in the fiber of her company, "Dollfaced" ships out a small, unique bible scripture or quote with each customer's purchase.


Written by:
DeShawn Hill
Owner/Filmmaker, HD Productions Media