Brittany’s Beauty Secrets (Save $)

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Save money with our 'Brittany's Beauty Secrets' kit. This Kit was created with favorite's from Dollfaced's creator. This kit has a mix of products that will fight the signs of aging, create a nice glowing complexion, and even treat dark spots. 


Doll Ice Roller 

Doll ice roller helps improve the skin by shaping and lifting. Creating a healthy glow for the skin by stimulating blood circulation. Frozen over 4 hours, apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals in circular motions.


Doll Dust (Facial Cleanser) - 4oz

Main Ingredients: Bentonite Clay & Other Essential Oils.


Apple Orchard - 3oz

Main Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon & Other Essential Oils.


Malibu Glow - 1oz

Main Ingredients: Frankincense Oil, Lavender & Other Essential Oils.